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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapist.

Being a Kid is Tough!!


Especially when you can't find the words to describe what you are feeling or going through...maybe something sad or scary is happening in your life, but you aren't sure how to communicate that to the big people in your life..Sometimes you get really really mad, maybe throw a toy across the room, scream from the tops of your lung, or just curl up into a ball because no one is listening to what you are trying to communicate. Sometimes you get picked on at school, get in trouble in class a lot and lose recess time, or you don't have a lot of friends to play with...If you said a lot of Yes or nods to these statements, I can help you to help other people around you to understand what you need from them so they can help you.

When you come to my office, there is a play room where I have games, books, a lot of different toys to help you express your feelings and explore things that are really confusing in your life. You can pretend to be your favorite characters and I can join in your play when you need me to.  You will never be forced to play with anything you do not like or asked to do anything you do no want to do, and sometimes you don't even have to talk.

Lets go on an adventure and help you get your life back on track! Play Therapy in Costa Mesa, CA. Children Mental Health in Costa Mesa, CA.