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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapist.

Providing Psychotherapy for Individual, Children and Adolescent. Providing Play Therapy in Costa Mesa, CA

I want to help my child...

You have been trying to figure out why your child has been acting out, feeling depressed, or anxious. You read different parenting books and attempted to implement different parenting strategies to remedy the problem, but it may have only provided temporary relief. You are at a point where you feel you have tried everything and provided everything that your child needs, but it does not feel like it's enough. You might have moment where you are questioning or doubting your parenting. It can be especially stressful to get daily calls from the teacher, asking you to take your child home because he/she is too much to handle, or  at home some days you just want to pull your hair and run away because your child's behaviors are too overwhelming with minimal support from others. If you have answered Yes to many of these statements, you are not alone. 

As a play therapist, I collaborate with the parents to create an individualized treatment plan tailored to the child and family's needs. I utilize Experiential Play Therapy as a way to establish a therapeutic relationship with the child, provide them a safe space to utilize the toys available to them to express their feelings, unmet needs, or other psychological concerns impacting their lives. With the information that emerges in the child's play, I will explore with the parents to identify any past traumas or events that may have seem minor or irrelevant to the parents, but stressful and scary to the child. After identifying the underlying causes of the child's behaviors, from there we can move forward in helping the child heal and help them reintegrate back to society.

To start the journey in reconnecting with your child and helping them heal from past/current trauma experiences click below to schedule a 20 minute phone consultation! For more background information about me click the button above. 

Play Therapy Works!

This video introduces and promotes the value of play, play therapy, credentialed play therapists, and membership in the Association for Play Therapy.